Install Google Chrome browser in openSUSE


  1. we have a really nice package of chromium in Contrib repository, which is built completely from sources with compiler flags we want, has video tag support and other extra features that will appear in Chrome later, integrates well with the rest of the system and still there are people that use Chrome. I wonder what we are doing wrong. Is it a bad marketing of Contrib repo or people just don’t care about using binary package from 3rd party vendor even when there is a better alternative?

  2. I would say marketing is the biggest issue and misunderstandings. For awhile I was using the Chromium builds while Chrome was still in the early phases of it’s Linux release. I switched to Chrome after the official release believing it would be more stable and assuming Chromium, which I had seen some issue with, was a bit unstable in comparison. I’ve had good luck with Chrome since so never went back to look at Chromium, but this post has prompted me to do so.

  3. Please state what version of SuSE you are using as the package lsb 3.2.x is only available on certain versions of SuSE. I’m using 11.0 and it’s not available in the mainstream, or I haven’t found it yet. But be aware that Chrome’s dependency is for lsb 3.2 or higher.

  4. @Pavol Rusnak: I figured Chromium is the development branch and Chrome is what comes out when a snapshot of Chromium is assumed to be stable. I’m not too thrilled about using a development version.

  5. @ Pavel: I’ve searched for “chrom”, found “chromium”, installed it via one-click from contrib, and am happy with it. You’re doing good work!

  6. @Pavol I’m also fine with Chromium@Contrib and using it writing this… thanks for your work!

  7. Yeah, this is all wonderful, except it doesn’t work unless you are logged in as root. How do you install chrome to your personal directory tree as a regular user?

  8. @John I would try to chroot it. (I’m not very familiar with chroot, though – it’s possible that you’d need root privileges to set it up in the first place, and if you could do that then you could surely just install chrome directly?)

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