1. Very Nice Site , want to contact u plz contact me my e-mail will appears to u ,

  2. Nice but what if i am not a linux geek?
    Yes I could buy a scanner like nessus from SecPoint.com

    Power it on and scan

    This product has a glossy name ” The penetrator ” check it out at http://www.secpoint.com

  3. I had some trouble setting up openvas on my system fedora system, but I did find a site that offered free openvas vulnerability scans. I was able to scan my vps to check for security holes over at HackerTarget.com.

    Your guide looks easy, maybe I will try out Suse next.

  4. There is no GUI client for SUSE.

  5. For OpenSuSE use the OpenVAS client.

  6. can’t find the client or it’s the same file as core
    when i enter the link above to download the client it downloads the same file of the core and then it says that it’s already installed b4 can u send the nessus client to me plz.

  7. Shoot me some more stuff like this anytime, great work. The web needs more great blogs like this in order to survive

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