Acetoneiso2 – A full feature rich Image/ISO tool for openSUSE


  1. Excellent tool and a good bundle of options that was missing until now! Thanks for this! 🙂 Would be awesome if there would also be a gnome interface 🙂


  2. Fantastic tool! Create and use ISO over linux OpenSuse ! Tks!

  3. Thanks for the guide. QUite a few of my precious dvd are getting scratched, so time to make some backups!

  4. Nice write-up, thanks. I really like the screen shots.

    Here’s a question for you – what’s the best option for DVD Upconversion in Suse? Any thoughts?


  5. the link for suse 11 isn’t working…. i don’t know why? any manual installation methods… i am new to linux…..sorry…for ….that….

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