Cairo-Dock – Desktop dock for openSUSE Linux


  1. But I have no idea what a ‘dock’ is! Why would I need one??



  2. i’m really satisfied that you like that application.. i maintaint it on packman..for any problems, feel free to report 😉

  3. do you have instructions on how to install this on centos5 gnome?

    Thanks, Rah

  4. Permission to access ‘’ denied.

    why is this error comming after i click next and it tries to retrieve repository – any help is welcome

  5. Can someone help me im kind of new on this so my apologize for been new… well my problem is that i already installed the cairo dock and on the part were it says opensuse11:~ # cairo-dock & what am i suppose to do… i tried putting that command on the terminal but nothing comes out

  6. ok guys my bad i figure it out already but i still got another question i open the terminal put the command the program showed up but when i close the terminal the program also closes… what can i do?

  7. how do you make it one of the startupprograms
    it works perfectly but everytime I start my laptop
    I have to open it via command

  8. I just downloaded the newest one, 2.01 something like that, and it looks horrable! the background is black! What happened?

  9. Something is missing.. Like the background or something but I get a black ugly background

  10. Hey guys, I just have a question, sisnce I’m using SuSE 11.1, everytime i try to go back to Cairo-Deck (Im used to it) I just cannot understand why my background is black, it is really ugly, please help.

  11. you need compositing activate.

    Compiz-Fusion, Beryl, xcompmgr (for metacity, GNOME), xfwm4 (for Xfce), Kwin (for KDE).

  12. Hi,
    I use openSUSE 11.2 and Cairo Dock 2.1.1-2. It’s installed correctly and works good. There is one problem. It runs twice! The second run of C-D always asks if user wants to run it with OpenGL or not. No matter what I click there are always two docks in the same place. How to solve it?

  13. Hi
    Can someone help me to configure the Cairo Dock on Suse linux enterprise Desktop 11..Tried using the repositories etc..lots of dependency resolution ..

    Appreciate if some one can help early

  14. I installed cairo-dock in my 64-bit opensuse linux. After installation, as I entered cairo-dock& the application compiled as reported that no plugins found and so it did quit. Please advise me. Thanks

  15. @Anubisg1 Seems like we are missing cairo-dock-plugins package on packman repository for openSUSE 12.1 🙂

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