Virtual Box – How to Install & Configure in openSUSE


  1. The one click install for virtualbox does not work for me.
    It gives a message box saying ” an error occurred while trying to initializing the software repository
    Details: OpenSUSE 11.0 update: Valid metedata not found at specified (URL)s history
    – cannot determine type of repository openSUSE 11.0:update.
    I am using opensuse 11.0 x64 version which is fully up to date with auto updater.
    I am not aware of anything that doesn’t work correctly on my set, ie email web browsing other new program installs etc.

  2. Author

    If you have another instance of yast opened or if there is a updates on your system running already then this can happen. Ensure you close all yast instances or from the command line

    # killall yast2

    and try again

  3. Hi,

    I kill all yast instances and I have no update on my system for virtual box and I have the same error as Laurie.
    Can you help me with this?



  4. Apparently the “1-Click” install software only works on x86 systems not on X64.

  5. for X64 boxes just do the install by adding the virtualbox repository then installing from YAST. the instructions on this site still work.
    for mine I had to do a reboot before starting the virtual machine.
    after that all was fine.


  6. Can’t get the 1-click for openSUSE 10.3 to work. 10.2 and 11 give me the download dialog, but 10.3 give me a window that says ‘no such project” Is there a problem with this link?

  7. i got the same error on my suse 11.0 64 bits. what i did is de-selected the second repository which it asks to add to repository by default. so i left only first link and installed successfully. the error is in the second link, it can not be added to the main repository list (for some reason), whats why u get error.

  8. I am running openSUSE 11.0 and I got the same error message. I think it is because the link is bad or because an entry in the repository for openSUSE 11.0 Updates is already present. I just unchecked the second repository as I already had an update repository of openSUSE 11.0 in the YaST Software Repositories.

  9. I will like someone to PLEASE assist me with instructions on how to use the Xen Virtualization feature in openSUSE 11.0. I already installed and included all necessary libraries, plugins, and programs to get the application working. But my big problem is that I am new to this whole Linux experience and learning very fast. I love openSUSE but I can’t seem to figure out how exactly do I get to login to my desktop after booting into the Xen virtual machine option from the Boot Loader Menu that takes you to a command prompt cause that’s all that I’m getting. I don’t know if I am still not doing something right. I keep getting an error message about Xen not being loaded or started.

  10. I’m getting this error when executing VirtualBox (on openSUSE 11.1)

    /usr/bin/VirtualBox: line 3: /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox: access deny

    I have already added my user to vboxusers and tryed a chmod on the lib. nothing worked..


  11. VirtualBox is quite sensitive to how it is installed. And generally the instructions above are outdated by the new VirtualBox offering.

    Before starting installation, it may be sensible to make sure everything is removed from the last failed install. Run rm -r .Vir* and then rm -r .vir* from the home folder of any user who has installed an older version – including root!

    Get the latest VirtualBox (currently 2.1.2) from Forget the OSE offerings from SuSE. Download the file into an empty folder. Use Yast to add the folder to the Yast repository. Then choose ManageSoftware from Yast and search for VirtualBox and install the 2.1.2 version (or the latest) and nothing else. DO NOT install VirtualBox by right mouseclicking the rpm and choosing ‘install software’; neither run rpm -i VirtualBox.rpm; the effects should be the same but they are not. Yast completes and automatically adds the user to vboxusers group and does other housekeeping. You should now be able to run VirtualBox from the menu or command line by typing VirtualBox.

  12. hi.
    I successfully mounted virualbox in open suse 11 but disabled the USB option, how can I enable this option?

  13. Doesn’t work for me – it gives me an error about conflicts – nothing provides libpython-2.5-1.1 but the module is obviously there…

    Version : Opensuse 11.0

    With kernel-source already installed….

    Any help?

  14. I managed to install it afterall…. It seems that the version of kernel-source needs to be exactly the same as the current kernel version…

    rpm -qa | grep kernel

    to check kernel version

  15. Hi!!
    I have this problem too:
    >Doesn’t work for me – it gives me an error about conflicts – nothing >provides libpython-2.5-1.1 but the module is obviously there…

    Where can I download libpython-2.5-1.1?!


  16. Can virtualbox VM’s be set to automatically start at boot? And can they be ran without opening in a window on the host?

  17. Hi,

    Regarding the error:

    “an error occurred while trying to initializing the software repository
    Details: OpenSUSE 11.0 update: Valid metedata not found at specified (URL)s history
    – cannot determine type of repository openSUSE 11.0:update.”

    In my case was due to the use of a iso image as the booting device. Changing this to a DVD device fixed it.


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