Krusader – Advanced Twinpanel File Manager in openSUSE


  1. I agree, I use Krusader for some years and it is definitely the best GUI file manager (of course, I can not compare it to MC:)))
    Dual-pane design combined with multiple tabs simply cannot be beaten by some simple-pane managers:)

  2. One feature that all file managers are missing is the ability to filter a view. The only FM that I see do it so far is emelFM2, but that FM is lacking in every other way. We need a way to filter by filename patterns.

  3. @Mike – Filter a view?
    Sorry but unless I misunderstand the question enormously, Dolphin will do this out of the box with CTRL-I (IIRC).
    It will probably kill any geek cred I had, but though I used to love Konqueror to death, Dolphin serves most needs awesomely.
    Unlike say Nautilus, which sends me screaming whenever I’ve been near a gnome desktop, Dolphin looks simple but is incredibly versatile and very easily scratches most of my itches.
    In particular, shortcut keys for heaps of things, i.e. F3 for Dual Panes, F4 for terminal at window bottom, F8 to toggle hidden files, F10 to insert folder. Also a Places bar that’s persistent throughout KDE, filtering as discussed, tabs if you want them.
    Haven’t tried Krusader in a while -might need to give it another go.

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